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"my laundry machine uses gigabytes of traffic every day" is another one of those fun things we can say now that we live in The Futureโ„ข

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The Italian ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น company Finance Evolution, an ICT Consulting Company focused on Financial sector, was hit by Pysa Ransomware.

The company's private data was leaked exposing VPN information and FTP clear-text credentials of several Banks around the world.

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Arrivati i nuovi adesivi e spillette di @mozillaitalia@twitter.com e @firefox@twitter.com! ๐ŸฆŠ

E vi ricordo che il contest su chi dona o valida piรน voci su procede per tutto aprile! discourse.mozilla.org/t/comuni

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In questio giorni hanno bucato di tutto da roba microsoft, parallels e adesso anche browser.
Non si salva nessuno.
Per non parlare dei soldi come premio o.0

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Wow. @bkth_@twitter.com and @_niklasb@twitter.com did it. They successfully demonstrated their exploit against AND . Both browsers allowed code exec when hitting their website. They head to the disclosure room to drop the details.

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@Kisai@twitter.com Well, OpenOffice's last major release (4.1) was back in 2014... Since then, virtually all development moved to LibreOffice. It's way more up-to-date, with a ton of fixes and improvements. And new major releases arrive every six months! Check it out: libreoffice.org/discover/libre

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@ITSquOd@twitter.com - Mi servirebbe di recuperare una mail dal backup
- Ok, quando l'hai cancellata?
- Non saprei...
- Mmm, quando รจ arrivata
- Boh...
- E chi te l'ha mandata?
- A saperlo!
- L'oggetto, magari...?
- Nah!
- Ma รจ esistita questa mail?!
- Mah, adesso che mi ci fai pensare...

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mGBA supports using a video capture device (like a webcam) as the game boy camera so

an elgato works

this is dumb

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Yes! The Devcore team successfully demonstrated their exploit of server. They head off to the disclosure room (call) to detail the bugs they used. If confirmed, they'll win $200K and 20 Master of Pwn points.

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con lo speciale ha cambiato il colore degli occhi per la paura di questa operazione di merchandise Bonelli con le medaglie instagr.am/p/CNPtOhzhc4O/

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